96 Schools in the Littoral and West Regions of Cameroon have experienced a facelift of their school infrastructure and have received a donation of didactic materials and COVID-19 kits provided for by the Edu-Grants Project.

The municipalities of Melong in the Littoral Region and Babadjou in the West region have played host to internally displaced school children who have fled the ongoing crises in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. In November 2020, according to the Humanitarian Needs Overview 2021 (OCHA), the North West region had only 23% of primary schools and 25% of secondary schools that were operational. Similar statistics were observed for the South West region. This has led to an influx of children in the neighboring West and Littoral regions in search of schooling. The educational facilities of the municipalities of Babadjou and Mélong which received these children found themselves overwhelmed. 

Through the Edu-Grant Project sponsored by UNICEF, COHEB International, one of the two implementing partners of the project, was in charge of bringing assistance to 46 schools (30 in Melong and 16 in Badbajou) based on the need assessment carried out by the project team alongside head teachers, school based management committees, Parent Teacher Associations of the various schools in collaboration with government authorities of basic education and the administration.

In total, 900 school benches, 828 school text books, 184 Educational charts, 138 boxes of chalk, 138 bottles of hand sanitizers, 138 hand wash buckets, 138 small buckets, 138 soap dish, 46 cartoons of soap and 92 handbook of a collection of laws guiding the National Basic Education Sector have been donated to the 46 schools benefiting from the EDU-GRANT Project in the West (Babadjou Municipality) and Littoral (Melong Municipality) Regions of Cameroon.

In Babadjou, schools that have benefited from the project include;


GPS Bachua, GPS Babadjou King Place, GPS Balepo G1, GPS Balepo G2, GPS Bamelo, GPS Bamendjingha, GPS Bamepa’ah, GPS Bametogoung, GPS Kombou A, GPS Kombou B, GPS Gagong, GPS Takang Bororo, GBPS Bachua, GPS Topelou, GBPS Gagon2, GBPS Kombou

30 Schools in Melong include;

GPS GR.I.B Melong Centre, GPS GR.II.A Melong Centre, GPS GR.II.B Melong Centre, GPS Nansi GR.I, GPS Nansi GR. II, GPS Ngal Mbo, GBPS Lelem Mouatong, GPS Ekanang, GPS Nkah, GPS Mbouroukou, GPS Mount Mbouroukou, GPS Ekolbouni, GPS Essekou I, GPS Essekou Koupa, GBPS Essekou I, GPS Nzommwe, GBPS Mouanguel, GPS Ninong, GPS Mbombeng, GPS Mouanah, GPS Mankwa, GPS Ndokou, GPS Mama, GBPS Nzobi, GPS Nzobi, GPS Ndokou, GPS Mouangel, GPS Etabang, GBPS Etabang, GPS Mbokem.

Dilapidated school structures like roofs, black boards, wall paintings, administrative blocks and other basic school structures that were lacking like toilets adapted for use by persons living with disabilities have also been constructed.  

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